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Balance Book 2 Child of the Worlds chapter 2
Whenever Morrigan close her eyes and the gentle wind touched her cheek, it reminded her of the hot winds in the desert sand. Then in front of her mind's eye, the memories of her escape spread. The day of their escape had been the first day of their hopefully new life.
With no less than ragged clothes and a tarpaulin, which she had taken from a destroyed cart, she came across in a dried-out riverbed, to protect herself from the sun and the sand. With her sword, she managed to free herself from the slaves' kings.
Walking past stones smoothly polished lining the path between dunes. Memories of cracking dry branches under their feet. Nights in the fissures, and hunting lizards and other animals of the desert not to starve, if they had not previously died at water veins.
Whenever she found a clean source, she drank as much as she could. Water in the desert was as rare as the freedom enjoyed by very few who could survive without the help of others.
Like her parents, Morrigan had also been ex
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Balance Buch 2 Kind der Welten Kapitel 2
Wann immer Morrigan die Augen schloss und der Wind ihre Haut streifte, erinnerte es sie an die heißen Winde, die ihr Sand ins Gesicht peitschten und die Erinnerungen ihrer Flucht breiten sich vor ihrem Geistigen Auge aus.
Der Tag ihrer Flucht, war der erste Tag ihres hoffentlich neuen Lebens gewesen.  
Mit nicht weniger als zerlumpten Kleidern und einer Plane, die sie von einem zerstörten Karren, den sie in einem Ausgetrockneten Flussbett gefunden hatte, ums sich vor der Sonne und dem Sand zu schützen so wie einem Schwert,war sie aus den Fängen des Sklavenkönigs entkommen.
Und lief an vom Sand glatt polierter Fels vorbei, die den Pfad zwischen Dünen säumten. Erinnerungen von knackendem trocken Geäst unter ihren Füßen.Nächte in dehnen sie in Felsspalten hauste und Eidechsen und andere Tiere der Wüste jagte um nicht zu verhungern, wenn diese nicht schon zuvor an Wasseradern verendet waren. Wenn sie eine saubere Quelle fand,
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A clutz of wise words.
Embrace your art or writing is not perfect.
Love that you can always grow on it and with it.
Enjoy finding ways to become better with each day.
Be glad you made mistakes in the past.
Do not regret your old work.
Their show what a long way you got.
Stay confident.
One day you reach your goals.
Anxiety or depression is nothing to fear.
It shows how much passion you want to throw into your work.
Let negativity of people not throw you off.
Don't show them there can play with you.
Take the words as a constructive critic to prove their wrong.
The creative process is to struggle, otherwise your work will not have a life.
If you dull, you work is dull.
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Balance Book 2 Child of the world chapter 1.
Crystal-clear raindrops gathered along the rain gutter at various points of the metal pipe above the terrace, which was already full of puddles, as the rain had been strong in the night and had caused the gutter to overflow and now everywhere on the light wood, dark spots turned grain even more intense. Where some of the heavy drops had slumped on the pipe before, now fell on the wood underneath, splashing into the cool water, as the door pulled open and Chandra stepped out into the fresh air, holding a cup of freshly-brewed coffee in hand, while steam rose from the surface and soothing her nose with aromas.
She took a deep breath, let the cool morning air fill her lungs, and jerked as her bare feet were touched by the surprising coldness that was waiting for her at her feet. As the sun was shining and her cheeks touched warmly, Chandra's thoughts had been directed to something else, almost dropping her cup of coffee.
Sipping at her coffee, she picked up the cloth of her skirt with one
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Why, Thine? Ch.1
Chapter 1.
As if it was a bad dream, I woke up.
Never in my life, I was so frightened by a dream, that was no other way to describe than a nightmare that haunted me for years.
It was like the weight of a past life was taken from me and my mind was no longer a foggy cloud disturbing my thoughts and I finally saw everything clear. At least I thought.
" Did, I just tried to kill myself? " Trembling in fear my right hand was clenched around my chest trying to hold my heart in the firm grip of not let go of it.
" No way... " I said to myself.
I took the bridge of my nose between my index finger and thumb and closed my eyes and count to three. Ignoring the room around me. Right now it was unimportant, where I was. I was the center of the attention of my world right now and so I didn't care if I was in a hospital or not.  
I didn't even think for a moment about the fact my hand was no longer hurting or covered in fabric. It was clean and my pale skin was untouched by the glass, that cut
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Why, Thine?
Prolog: Suicide in a Mirror
A suffocating laughter went out of my throat after a tear of agony run down my cheek and fell onto my hand wrapped up in bloody bandages.
I look at the reflection in the mirror of the bathroom that was cold like the arctic and my breath froze to clouds, trying to recognize the person beyond the crackled glass splitting apart his face.
Who is this person who I am talking to?
" The voice out of thee throat " Lifeless the voice echoed in my ears. Was it he who said that?  I thought and feel the blood gushing in my hand underneath the layer of fabric of white cloth that was once my shirt.
" Thee? " My shattered reality falls apart as my mind was unable to understand anything anymore.
" Tho, thine says thee says who can't talk... they will answer. "
Even further distortions of my mind by the voice that was unknown to me from a person I never saw in my life before, but knowing his fault was my life went downhill.
I grasped for every tear of anger and rose out
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Balance book 2 child of the world Prolog
Prolog: A country in the course of time
Nearly a century ago.
 What was self-evident, today is still mere blasphemy and brain cracks. Much of the history has been forgotten, to which no one has today a faint piece of memory.  If one believes the records and the transcripts of the times. So the world blossomed again.
But what is the meaning of this?
Since no evidence of the truths of the writings and the words of the witnesses was found, or to refute them, the general mind chose to accept this as a legend, and only the fairy tale of the old, which excites their grandchildren, with Stories of their parents once lived at that time. However, a fact persisted and consolidated. It was the most unpredictable change in the country and the last skeptic was convinced.
With the dawn of an industrial era, the past, already dare to fantasies, faded even more and hardly anyone still cared what was once. Much more, everyone looked into the future, which no one could escape. Forgetfulness wa
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Bio Chandra Torcher
Name: Chandra
Surname: Torcher
Age:  17
Skin tone: light skin
Eyecolor: Violet
Heigh: 5Feet 9Inch
Hair color/Lenght: carrot Red and several times longer than she is tall.
She has a vivid young petite appearance with light skin tone and small chest. People often take her younger then she is actually.
Her face is peach shaped and framed by a single braid on the right side over her temple and her bangs brushed to the left side and tucked behind her left ear and hold in place by a cherry blossom hair clip and her gem like violet eyes is Awake and curious.
She is often is wears comfortable clothes that allow her to walk freely and have nature colors such as green and brown. She loves to wear skirts and blouses. Over her white blouse, that is upholstered at the hem, she wears a brown jacket. Often her blouse is mistaken for an apron she wears over her green skirt as a second small on.
On her feets, she wears brown high tide sandals. Her hair falls smooth like a curtain down
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Balance Buch 2 Kind der Welt Kp.1
Kapite 1
Kristallklare Regentropfen kullerten entlang der Regenrinne und sammelten sich an diversen stellen  des Metallrohres über der Terrasse, die schon voller Pfützen war, da der Regen in der Nacht stark gewesen war und die Rinne zum überlaufen gebracht hatte und jetzt überall auf dem hellen Holz, dunkle Stellen aufwies und die Maserung noch intensiver zeigte. Wo zuvor  noch schwer gewordene Tropfen träge am Rohr hingen, fielen jetzt etliche auf die Holzdielen und platschten ins kühlen Nass darunter als die Teerassentür wurde aufgezogen und Chandra hinaus trat an die frische Luft und  eine Tasse frisch gebrühten Kaffee in der Hand hielt , von der feiner Dampf aufstieg und ihre Nase mit wohltuendem Aromen umgarnte.
Sie atmete tief ein und ließ die kühle Morgenluft ihre Lungen füllen und zuckte zusammen, als ihre nackten Füßen, von der überraschenden Kälte berührt wurde, die zu ihren Fü
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Balance Buch 2 Kind der Welt Prolog
Balance Buch 2 Kind der Welt
Prolog : Ein Land im Wandel der Zeit
Vor fast einem Jahrhundert war was heute selbstverständlich ist noch bloße Blasphemie und Hirngespinste. Vieles aus der Geschichte wurde vergessen, an das sich keiner heute mehr erinnert. Wenn man den Aufzeichnungen und Niederschriften von Zeitzeugen glaubt. So blühte die Welt wieder auf. Doch was ist damit gemeint ?.
Da man aber keine Hinweise auf den Wahrheitsgehalt der Niederschriften und Worte der Zeugen fand, oder um sie zu widerlegen, entschied sich der Allgemeine Verstand dazu, dies als Legende einfach zu akzeptieren und man hört nur noch in Märchen der Alten davon, die ihren Enkeln spannende Geschichten erzählen wollen, deren Eltern einst zu dieser Zeit lebten.
Eine Tatsache jedoch blieb bestehen und festigte sich. Sie war die am wenigst zu übersehende Veränderung im Land und auch der letzte Skeptiker wurde davon überzeugt.
Mit dem Anbruch einer Industriellen Zeit, ver
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Balance Buch 1 Geburt der Flamme Kp.8 ENDE
Kapitel 8
„ Ich sagte.. gnrrhhh... sagte doch! „ Hargs stimme überwarf sich, als er husten musste. „ Er war noch gerade hier... „
Ausschweifend schloss er die Stadt hinter sich mit seinen Armen ein und drehte sich zu beiden Seiten und Ria warf ein missbilligen Blick wohin er zeigte. Nirgendso war die Person zu sehen, von der ihr Mann sprach.
„ Keine Ahnung wohin er verschwunden ist. Vor noch einer Sekunde war her hier ? „ Harg schnippte mit den Fingern.
„ Puff. Weg ist er. „
Mit dem Handrücken hob er seine Mütze an und rieb sich die lichte Stirn.
„ Er ist nicht hier. „ Erklärte Ria an und stemmte die Hände in die Hüften. „ Somit glaube ich keines deiner Worte mein Guter.  „
Betroffen starrte Harg seine Ehefrau an, bevor er die richtigen Worte fand. „ Meinst du ich würde in solch einer Angelegenheit Lügen ? „ Er tippte sich beleidigt mit der rechten Hand, gefo
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Balance Book1 Birth of the Flame ch.7
The house was small and barely any furniture was found in its inner. Only the kitchen had something like furnishings Ordeal saw. So far she had only found mats on the floor in the main room and on each of which was a simple pillow.
They probably sleep here. She though. A chest stood on the other side of the room opposite to the kitchen. What was inside was hard to guess. However, a targeted hit with a stone would certainly be enough to crack the rusty lock on it to find out.
An old worn-out table served as a work surface in the niche where the kitchen was. On it stood pots, plates, and cutlery, where a matron of a woman stood and looked grimly out of the window. Her gaze told, she was looking for someone.
Her dark hair was short but thick and tied with a band behind the neck so it not lies in her face. Her dark eyes were too small for the round face and pointed nose. Her body was stocky with strong arms. Although she was small in size and stature, she made her appearance of a self-cons
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Balance Buch 1 Geburt der Flamme Kp.7
Kapitel 7
Das Haus war klein und kaum bis keine Möbel waren in seinem inneren zu finden. Einzig und alleine die Küche hatte so etwas wie Einrichtungsgegenstände, da Ordeal bisher nur Matten auf dem Boden im Hauptraum gefunden hatte auf denen jeweils ein Kissen sich befand.
Wahrscheinlich, so so dachte sie wurde hier auch geschlafen. Eine Truhe stand auf der anderen Seite des Raumes gegenüber der Küche. Was darin sich befand war nur zu erahnen, da sie abschlossen war. Jedoch ein gezielter Schlag mit einem Stein, wäre sicherlich genug um, das rostige Schloss zu knacken.
Eine alter abgenutzter Tisch diente als Arbeitsfläche in der Nische wo die Küche sich befand, auf dem Töpfe, Teller und Besteck lagen an dem eine Matrone von Frau stand und grimmig aus dem Fenster schaute und ihr Blick verriet, das sie nach jemandem suchte.
Ihr dunkles Haar war kurz aber dick und mit einem Band im Nacken zusammengebunden, damit es ihr nicht im Gesicht lag. Ihre
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Balance Book1 Birth of the Flame ch.6
Chapter 6.
The city name, on Ordeals question for the name, was simply, the city.
No name had been given to it since the foundation decades ago. No one had ever had to spend a thought to give a name afterward, and since the population from all parts of the country came here to seek protection in the city from the will-less, In order not to fall victim to them. But for Ordeal not, she baptized the city in her thoughts on oasis.
In Oasis, buildings were haphazardly erected in a hopeless way. So everywhere something could be discovered where it does not belong at every corner and yet everything fitted.
Ordeal had not expected that so many people of different descent despite the League of Nations, that was founded at he zenith of the war to end the war with cooperation, could life at such a narrow space. To settle disputes was the key for the world of tomorrow for the nations. Now all sorts of races were living in such a narrow space, and at first sight, they seemed to live peacefully with
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Balance Buch 1 Geburt der Flamme Kp.6
Kapitel 6
Die Stadt, wie man auf Ordeals frage nach ihrem Namen ihr erklärt, war schlicht, die Stadt.
Kein Name war ihr seit der Gründung vor Jahrzehnten gegeben wurden.Biss heute hatte niemand hatte daran einen Gedanken verschwendet, ihr einen Namen nachträglich zu geben und da die Bevölkerung aus allen teilen des Landes hier herkam, um in der Stadt Schutz vor den Willenlosen zu suchen um ihnen nicht zum Opfer zu fallen, waren alle zu beschädigt sich einen einfallen zu lassen, dabei war es nicht schwer und Ordeal taufte die Stadt in ihren Gedanken auf Oase.
In Oase waren Gebäuden planlos in einem heilloses durcheinander errichtet wurden und entdecke an jeder Ecke etwas, das nicht dort hingehörte und doch fügte sich alles zu einem Bild zusammen.
Ordeal hatte nicht erwartet, das so viele Leute unterschiedlicher Abstammung trotz des Völkerbundes um Konflikte beizulegen, da ein Abwenden des Krieges nur durch Zusammenarbeit erreicht werden konnt
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Balance Book 1 Birth of the Flame ch.5
Chapter 5
Loddoss woke up the next morning, trying to get up.
He had spent the night in a cave that he had fortunately found at the edge of the road to protect himself from the cold winds. But when he wanted to stand up, a sharp pain shot through his shoulder and tore him back to the ground and nausea overwhelmed him and his fingers dug convulsively into the dust. Even before he regained control of his body, his stomach turned around and he had to vomit head over.
The sharp smell of stomach acid and saliva rose into his nose. With the back of his hand, he wiped the remnants of his mouth, after sputtering again, and held his head throbbing with pain.
Wet was his forehead and he felt his whole undergarment was damp. Fever? Impossible! Thought Loddoss in the twilight of is the state.
Desperately in search of help, he pushed himself forward to the rock wall of the cave. Like a miserable creature, Loddoss crawled out of the cave, which was little more than a niche that had been carved into
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Thank you to everyone! [winner announcement]
Heey everyone
I uh don't know what to say tho :'D
I woke up and saw a huge amount of activity on my page and then I realized that we are now 2010 people
Hell, I dont know what to say
I am just really happy and I am really so thankful
your amount of support just makes me feel so flattered !
A huge thank you to all of you!
I also want to give you the opportunity to win a piece of art of your own character
so I will host a small raffle with 1 - 2 winner
the prize will be something from Category 1

Winners are:
Thank you to everyone who joined this raffle <3
I am still very speechless that we are so many people.
I hope I will be able to entertain you with my Art! ;w;
For the winners, please send me a note with your character you want me to draw.
Again thank you everyone  and I hope you had a great start into the new week.
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EDIT: there may be a delay in winners since im sick and am going to the doctors tomorrow morning ; 3 ;
gunna be raffling away some old designs and a custom pixel design ; v ;/

You MUST be a watcher to enter.

Heres the bbs ill be raffling away!

and one person will win a custom adopt drawn pixally 
Example my bb:  drawn like so.
EDIT: the custom can be normal or of one of my species, any rarities<3
How to enter: 
+1 Comment to get a number!
+1 Fav the journal!
+2 Share this journal via status/poll or journal!
and try to have a nice day ; v ;!
How this will work: i will pick 4 people from random numbers to get these rewards. Each thing you do will gain you more raffle tickets ; v ;/ when you comment i will tell you your number(s)!
End Date:
June 14th 2017 - Extended while im recovering sob-
Have a great day<33
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Fabian Koch
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Who am I ? :

My name is Fabian Koch aka PargaFarn.
I am a hobbyist when it comes to writing. I enjoy imagine situations and bring them via words to life. That's why I write here my own stories and hope you like to stay and read them.

Balance is a story about :

A love encumbrance the weight of the past and can only survive in a beacon of hope when facing it's imminent burden that it's carrying?

Chandra an innocent young woman with unimaginably long hair and the eyes of a child, has no idea the future of Asthal is tied to her decisions to love Morrigan.
A restless woman, who fought to survive and seeking freedom, that brought them together.
Will they find the strength to embrace their love? Or will their become victims when once again the past reach out, throw it's self on Asthal as a vessel again?

Whatever the future holds, a new chapter in the history of Asthal is about to unfold....

Other pages :……

Contact :


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